Child’s Sackback Windsor Armchair, Probably Pennsylvania, Circa 1760


Mixed woods. 23 x 16 ½ x 10 inches

With high arched back above continuous arm rail with shaped ends and bulbous- and arrow-turned arm supports, above a shaped saddle seat, raised on four flaring reel and baluster-turned legs joined by a bulbous-turned H-stretcher.

This diminutive armchair closely follows the decorative elements and construction techniques of the full-size armchairs that were made in Pennsylvania during the second half of the eighteenth century; like the finest examples of miniature and child’s furniture, it closely imitates the proportions of full-size furniture. The presence of its early red and black paint makes it a very fine and desirable example of child’s furniture.

A virtually identical example is illustrated in Herbert F. and Peter B. Schiffer, Miniature Antique Furniture (Wynnewood, PA, 1972), p. 91, no. 84.

Old Hope Antiques, Pennsylvania
Prominent Private Collection, Louisiana

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