Lollipop Hooked Rug of a Flowerpot


New England, c. 1860-1880
Mixed fabrics on burlap
27.75 x 34 inches

This shirred and braided hooked rug depicts a delightful array of lollipop-shaped flowers radiating from the pot. The dark background provides a nice contrast to the brightly colored flowers, and the neatly executed braided border is an unusual, attractive variation from the shirring. The overall aesthetic and whimsical charm make this rug an extraordinary piece of folk art.

Note. A similar rug, exhibiting the same lollipop-shaped flowers and naïve charm, is in the collection of Stephen and Helen Kellogg (see Reference).


Joel and Kate Kopp, American Hooked and Sewn Rugs: Folk Art Underfoot (1995),  p. 29.

Provenance: Jan Whitlock Antiques, Pennsylvania, Private Southern Collection, Distinguished Private Collection

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