Selling Your Items With Us

Austin T. Miller American Antiques Inc. will purchase items outright or sell your pieces on consignment.

Direct Sales

We frequently offer to buy items directly. We are always pleased to be granted an opportunity to evaluate any item of interest that you might consider offering for sale. The process is simple: use the contact link on this site to submit details about your item; we’ll do the rest.

Consignment Sales

Austin T. Miller American Antiques, Incorporated, can sell qualifying items through a consignment arrangement. Contact us to learn more about the process.


Benefits to you when selling with Austin T. Miller American Antiques Inc:

  • Your item(s) are exposed to a unique and wide network of serious collectors who over many years have developed a trust relationship with Austin T. Miller.
  • Your item(s) are included in our web site catalog at, a web site with a track record extending many years online.
  • Items can be listed in our full-color printed Seaonal Catalogs and included in our marketing plan with extensive advertising in major publications for collections.
  • Items listed on our site feature professionally-photographed, large-scale images, which afford prospective buyers an opportunity to zoom in on close detail. The willingness to buy costly items online whose value frequently correlates to its condition is enhanced by (a) the multitude of angles photographed and (b) the ability to view finer details through large-scale photographs. Hi-fidelity photographs contribute to buyer confidence and help eliminate unsatisfactory buying experiences.
  • Our contract includes an assured price for your item, as opposed to an indefinite selling price derived through auctions.
  • No fee means no risk. We only charge a sensible mark-up added to the price of sold items.
  • Our site is continually improved and optimized by professional software developers and marketers to improve visibility and visitor traffic.
  • We invest in regimented advertising practices targeted toward our primary demographic set of buyers.
  • We utilize email marketing in a judicious manner, reaching out to our unique list of collectors with opportunities to purchase new items.
  • Reputation. Austin T. Miller American Antiques, Incorporated, is an established and recognized force in the fields of American Antiquities, Americana, and Folk Art, having succeeded in this business for more than twenty years.

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